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Do not wait; the time will never be 'just right.' Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along -George Herbert

The simplicity of this quote captures the journey of Everything Organik so well. It is a platform that was created to help the small farmers reach the consumers at the best possible affordable cost with organic and naturally grown produce. It eliminates every possible middlemen and also offers the platform Everything Organik to any farmer with excess organic produce to use and sell his produce without paying the high middlemen commission.

Everything Organik was born by chance, when Anoop Varma, a high flying corporate media executive, working with brands like Star TV,AajTak and Star News, had a chance visit an organic market in Gurgaon a little over 2 years ago. That visit ended up in a association on an individual level with that organic market. Foodie that he is, Anoop liked the concept and having met several rural farmers and learning that there were many farmers growing produce organically but were not able to reach the consumers, since everyone will not make an effort to come to the market. He decided to take the market to the consumers. The real reason was to help the farmers reach the consumer, bypassing the middlemen and giving the farmer his fair share. Promoting the organic movement was also a mission close to Anoop?s heart.

Currently Everything Organik follows an e-commerce model wherein it sells the farmers produce through online ordering and home delivery and also goes to various condominiums in Gurgaon and sets up traditional Organic Markets over the weekend wherein the residents of these condominiums can come and buy the organic produce and ofcourse have a taste of the Live organic breakfast being served at these markets.

Everything Organik lives by the following credo
a. They only do fresh produce (the orders that?s why are taken a day before)
b. They work directly with all the farmers
c. They don't do any cold storage of the produce
d. This platform is mainly to promote the organic movement and ensure the maximum households start consuming clean and pesticide free stuff.
e. They are affordable as compared to other organic produce.
Hailing from a prestigious and highly educated family with roots in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Anoop had a protected and disciplined childhood. He went to Delhi University for his studies and completed his MBA. Food and hospitality comes naturally to him as he cut his teeth with Taj Palace during his initial career years.

Being in touch with the ground reality during his media years, and managing news channels in the likes of Star News and AajTak, the compassionate streak in him led him to take up the cause of the farmers and make it a viable and sustainable business proposition. Perhaps IIT grads who are frittering away the investor?s money and shutting down hyper local platforms should take a lesson from Anoop on how to build a sustainable and growing hyper local market in India.

Success makes a lot of people arrogant but had a completely opposite effect on Anoop, turning him into someone who is giving more back to the society that getting something out of it. Everything Organik has recently joining hands with Pinkathon and is a proud sponsor of free organic breakfast to the participants and Pinkathon ambassadors. The platform has extended its arm to many small social causes which are struggling to find a place to sell their products. EO helps sell Holi gulal made from discarded flowers collected by rag pickers from weddings or temples to getting deaf and mute girls to make healthy roasted Multigrain Laddoos with jaggery. EO also drives the initiative of collecting discarded good condition bed sheets, pillow covers and get bags made and get Rakhis made from discarded old chunnis and also supports education initiative taken by school children called in Gurgaon.

Anoop brings a unique quality to his business proposition and that is one on one interaction with his customer. He is creating a community where everyone appreciates and adopts the sustainable way of living and contribute to the eco system in a sustainable way.

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