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Kanika Kush is inspired by her love for India, its rich tradition, history, story, cinema, landscape, look, feel, smell, sound and about everything. No wonder it shows in the beautiful object 'd art she creates. The fluid movement of the dancer, the languid head turn of Madhubala, the intense gaze of the Kathakali dancer, clean lines of the minarets in her furniture line; all encapsulate that one elusive essence vividly, that is her passion for this land and for her art.

'Keep it simple' is her mantra. Being childlike also helps. Kanika is her own USP. She personally designs everything that you purchase under this brand. Kanika Kush Design House was founded with a vision to make art affordable for every one. KKDH has emerged as a company/design firm that stuck to its core value; 'To be recognized by all, approachable and affordable by all.'

KKDH makes beautiful artwork, home dcor objects such as tray, coaster, cushion, wall art, furniture pieces that are out of this world and commissioned art that are as unique as you.

Kanika specializes in portraiture and also creates stylized art work from the pictures that you send. There is no 'iffyness' in her lines and strokes. Every line is confident of her places and knows that it is there for a purpose. Her price range starts from INR 200 and can go up to INR 2 lac for one off designer furniture. Having a background in art and a degree in urban planning has helped immensely.

Kanika was an army kid and has lived a happy and sunny childhood surrounded with people and nature. This reflects in her choice of vibrant color for her art and furniture line. Never will you come across a fuchsia chair with orange seating which looks perfect and will leave you lusting for more.

She is a sensitive being who puts a part of her soul in her every creation. In her own words;
'The one thing I never let go of, was belief in my intuitions, which have sharpened like mad now. I sense things. I drop the bad ones, I keep the good ones (people and circumstances). Its that simple now. Being emotional is a great thing. And the future belongs to people who have a heart and are emotional about their work too. Everything boils down to feelings. I accept it, am good at it and I realize that is exactly what seems to work for me.

So, I want to have enough money to lead a good life, and travel, but being 'rich' isn't what I'm after. Being famous...hell yeah!!!'

Kanika is one man army, who manages all aspects of her business. Lack of manpower is her biggest challenge. She has taken a cockroach approach to run her design house and has bootstrapped her business so far.

Her personal life revolves round her family and she is a devoted mother, wife and daughter. She loves watching sitcom Friends, dancing to the tunes of Zumba, and manages with just 5 hours of sleep.

We asked her a rapid fire and this is what she came up with.

1. What advice would you give to others?
Dream like mad. BELIEVE in the dreams, however insane they might be. find your purpose and hang on to it with dear life. Be kind, always always always. Be impulsive. you may die tomorrow, why the hell are you scared? want to do something? do it!

2. How do you keep motivated through difficult times?
Aah, good one. Belief in the fact that the universe knows my core. That I know who I am, and will survive. Come what may. I have, I am and I will. Always.

3. What's your favorite quote?
Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor - Rumi

4. Who inspires you?
Shahrukh Khan. 25 years and running.

5. What is your most important business value?

6. Share a quote that has made a great impact on you.
"Karm kiye ja bachha, fal ki chinta mat kar." (My dad)

She has recently started exhibiting in Qutub Minar and runs her own store. Kanika is a self confessed emotional being. She thinks from her heart and feels this gives her art an honest and poignant quality. We believe so too.

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