Smart way to go Green


Going green is just a fad!

Eco-friendly home dcor products are so expensive!

I just bought my furniture a couple of years ago, I can?t just change it!

Our heads spin when we think of all these questions and more. At our attempt of going green or planet friendly, we only think of redoing every single thing and when that doesn?t sound like a practical option, we give up all our hope and go back to our mundane lives. But giving your home a green-over doesn?t mean changing your furniture or breaking down walls to let more air come in. You can take a number of steps to ensure that you are contributing to making your home more planet friendly.

Paint the Town Green: Choose a paint that contain less toxins and concentration of VOCs and harmful chemicals. Most paint brands like Asian Paints, Berger, Nerolac and Dulux in India have eco-friendly range of paints that are easily available. Or else just go for temporary wall papers that come in a wide array of colours, textures and designs

Upcycle and Recycle: Be the DIY pro that you always knew that you are! Use products and things that you already have and recycle them into art pieces. Or buy from your local brands that are doing it. Bottles Up uses old bottles and converts them into brilliant lamps that are perfect for your own house or for gifting to your favourite friends and family. Check out their lamps here: pic courtesy

Shop Sustainably: Look for brands that engage in sustainable production and fair trade practices to produce and sell their products. Buno Silo ( is an ethically driven clothing company that works with craftsmen across the country and uses natural and sustainable material to make their products. Ranging from clothes to baby products to also home dcor items, this is one brand that?s taking sustainability to the next level.

Bring on the Greens: Indoor plants not only please the eye but also our respiratory system by filtering air and help us breathe better. Plant your greens in repurposed containers, create hydroponic systems in your house and use your balconies or small spaces as green patches. It?s all about creatively incorporating some green in your life. My Bageecha is an interesting place to order all your gardening needs and they deliver right at your doorstep. Check them out here:

Rethink your fabrics: As much as possible, rethink or fabric or paper choices. Use less plastic, bring in old newspapers and create your own coasters, use jute or wooden products, use organic material. Rista Handicrafts ( is a great place to source some organic and traditional but beautiful home dcor pieces.

Being eco-friendly today only needs a change in outlook and not in your income size. Open up your heart and your mind to adopting these green choices and make a difference to your life and to the planet as well!

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