The Story of Ferheen


When we talk about building a conversation and a community, what is better glue than a warm cup of tea. So many stories have been shared, when the heart is thawed by the wafting vapors and soul is stirred to reminisce and dream at the same time.

Tea is such a perfect start to any conversation and also a beginning of friendship, healing and being. Its only apt that I must share with you the story about Fehreen, a lifelong student of Ayurveda and Tea. She has been working with Ayurveda ritual and plant medicine since a long time. Fehreen was born and raised in Fiji, currently lives in Brisbane, where she runs a tea boutique.

She painstakingly cultivates each batch of tea in a certain lunar cycle, hand blended using best ingredients and love. These teas are infusion of herbs, tea leaves, flowers, fruits and oil and carefully picked, measured and packed. The cycles of the moon play a crucial part in her tea blending process.

"I follow the lunar calendar as I believe that this is nature's way. On the crescent of the new moon, I formulate new blends and continue until the full moon night when I do the majority of my tea blending. I feel the energy during this time is very feminine as well as creative.'

Ferheen stresses that making and drinking this tea is meditation itself. She is immersed in the world of Ayurveda through food, herbs, ancestral rituals and storytelling. 'I come from a lineage where women in my family showed immense strength and courage in preserving their culture, rituals and inner medicinal healing when they were forced to travel from their motherland to an unknown terrier in the South Pacific.'

It was important to her to have a business that is as ethical and sustainable as possible. This reflects in each step of creating her teas - from the earth, to the grower, suppliers, tea-blending and my customers - right up to the recycling of Tea Coup tins and bottles.

She sources the finest organic teas, herbs, and spices in their mostly whole form. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, quality organic whole spices mean that it is full of Prana or life force, making our teas and tisanes a healing cup full of life.

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