Transformers Flash Drive

Transformers Flash Drive


For 9 million years, Optimus Prime has battled Megatron over the Universe?s energy supplies and control of Cybertron. Now Optimus Prime is battling to defend your data! The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime MIMOBOT?Ÿ???????ª?­?Ÿ??????? stands heroic with his trademark red, white, and blue armor, and matching helmet. He's travelled across the galaxy with a singular purpose: to protect your data from falling into the greedy clutches of the evil leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. Optimus Prime MIMOBOT, Transform and Roll-out! ?Ÿ???????ª?­?Ÿ??????¯ Capacity: 8 GB ?Ÿ???????ª?­?Ÿ??????¯ Warranty: 1 year ?Ÿ???????ª?­?Ÿ??????¯ USB 2.0 ?Ÿ???????ª?­?Ÿ??????¯ Pen drive also includes: Transformers digital content

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