About Us


We like to think of ourselves as a brave diver, who jumps into the deepest ocean to find the rarest pearl selling them to the kings and the queens. We love to look for and find things that we can fall in love with, again and again. From all over the world.

So we created this application to do the same thing digitally, to find that pearl fit for your highness, something that you will fall in love with and people will talk about.

Something, that you would love to show the world and tell the story behind it. Something that everyone will covet and want to have and follow your suit.

At Covetlo, you will find curated products from thousands of websites. You can covet something you like, share your collection with friends and followers and buy them too. You can ask your friends opinion too, before buying. Simple.

What are you waiting for?

Look, Love, Covet, Share and Shop with us. See you soon!